Simple Ideas to Optimize Space in Your Small Kitchen

Simple Ideas to Optimize Space in Your Small Kitchen

Making the kitchen to be both beautiful and functional requires precise planning especially if you want to add any more tools. For instance, if you are moving into a smaller apartment in Australia, your very first step should be to take measurements of your kitchen space.

When you have the measurements, e.g. your counter space, you can be sure of the size of the benchtop oven that you will purchase. Considering that it is already smaller than the usual ovens, getting a sizeable one and placing it strategically will leave more space on your kitchen counter.

Next bit should be to choose between electric cooktops or gas cooktops. For a small space, built in equipment may not be too ideal because they are generally larger. However, you can still choose one that can fit right into your countertops creating a seamless built-in look.

A small kitchen can have custom cabinets. This allows you to take advantage of every space that you have. For example, you can use the space between the fridge freezer and the wall to place a pull-out cabinet. This gives you storage spaces for things like spices and other tools.

The other trick of de-cluttering the kitchen is to use other rooms for storage. Some equipment such as a robot vacuum cleaner is necessary for cleaning your kitchen fast. However, an important tool such as thetumbler dryer may not fit into your small kitchen. Therefore, assigning a specific room to place your dryers and cleaning equipment will create more space for the kitchen.

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